Would you like to present data in your UI in the best possible way?

I can help you, whether you are a startup, analytics company, software consultancy or a non-profit.

I’m a Product Designer and a Creative Technologist. I'm passionate about UX/UI design, data visualization, machine learning, and analytics interfaces.

I enjoy solving complex problems that require deep understanding of interface design, front-end development and product management.

Hello London and San Francisco! I live in Helsinki, Finland, but I love working with remote customers as well.

Do you have something in mind that I could help you with? Or just want to meet over coffee and chat? Contact me!


Below are some projects I've had the chance to work on. I'd be happy to tell you about the projects in more detail and about my role in them!

One Nixu Portal


UX design



Nixu is the largest information security consulting company in the Nordics. They wanted to create a dashboard for their customers for monitoring risks and managing security processes.

I participated in clarifying the aims of the project. I was responsible for processing the concept into wireframes and crafting the initial visual design for the dashboard.

FNA Correlations


UX design, visual design



Financial Network Analytics (FNA) based in London is the market leader in analyzing graphs of financial transaction data. I've designed the user interface for all of the web-based applications of FNA.

The aim of the initial project was to create interfaces for the applications that look professional and are easy to use, but provide a wide range of advanced analytics tools. The collaboration started with a five-day UI re-design project. FNA was satisfied with the results of the initial project and decided to continue with collaboration.

FNA Correlations website

Ōura Cloud Web Dashboard


UX design, visual design, development (React + Redux)



Ōura is the creator of a unique fitness ring that measures sleep and activity of its user. They wanted to create a web based dashboard for advanced users to be able to compare and analyze their data in detail.

The project was an intensive ten-day sprint in which the aim was to both design the interface of the web dashboard and to implement the first version of it in React. I was responsible for designing of the dashboard and implementing it together with Teemu Kurppa.



UX design, visual design, development (React, Three.js)

Funded by

City of Helsinki

Together with Jonne Davidsson of Pointscale, we were funded by City of Helsinki to create a prototype of a web based app for visualizing building visibility. It can be used to determine from which buildings a new building could be seen.

I created the UI design for the app and we implemented the prototype together.



UX design, development (React)



Kieku, a podcasting startup, wanted to create a web-based interface for listening to podcasts on their platform. The goal was to allow the user to get to play podcasts with one click, without registering to the service.

Maari Fabritius, the designer of Kieku, had created a brave visual style for the company and its apps. I helped adapt the design for web and did a number of different concepts for listing and browsing podcasts. I transferred the designs and interaction concepts to React with Simo Martomaa.

FNA Platform


UX design, visual design



After Financial Network Analytics had updated the UI of their other products, they wanted to redesign their code editor as well. I designed a modern UI for the editor that follows the conventions of code editors that the users are familiar with.

During the project, we realized that we can make a separate view for displaying and opening dashboards directly, without having to go to the editor. Together, these got the name FNA Platform.

In addition to the UI design, I did also some branding, marketing collateral and web site design for the product.

Valota Salesforce


UX design, visual design, front-end development (Javascript, D3.js)



Valota, a digital signage startup, wanted to offer Salesforce visualizations to its customers.

My role was to concept the views of the dashboards, create visual design for the views and implement the dashboards in a responsive manner. The visual designs were based on the colors and typefaces chosen by Georgia Panagiotidou who used to work for Valota.

The visualizations run on top of the Valota Live platform and can be displayed on devices ranging from mobile phones to 60 inch digital signage displays.

Omniata Marketing Automation


UX design, visual design, front-end development (AngularJS)



Omniata, a San Francisco based analytics company, wanted to improve the usability of their marketing automation tool.

The original workflow required the user to visit four different views when setting up a campaign. The different workflows were combined into one simple wizard.

The project included concept design, visual design and participation in the front-end implementation of the campaign tool UI.

After that, I participated in creating an unified design language for Omniata together with their in-house UX/UI designer Jerry Jäppinen and I've worked with Omniata on various aspects of their interface.

Kannattaako kauppa


UX design, visual design, front-end development (AngularJS, Leaflet, D3.js)



Reaktor, possibly the most successful Finnish digital product consultancy, wanted to create a web site that lists apartment prices in all the post codes of Finland. The aim of the project was to promote the data science team of Reaktor.

I participated in creating the concept for the web app. I did the design for the app and built the front-end for it.

The project got very good visibility, with the main newspapers and tabloids writing articles about the web site and with hundreds of simultaneous visitors on the site.

Immigration Statistics


UX design, visual design, development (React + Redux, TypeScript 2.0, D3.js)


Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Immigration Service wanted to create a web site for exploring immigration related statistics to replace their current PDF-based publishing workflow.

Together with Lucify, a Helsinki-based data visualization consultancy, we created a single-page web app using React + Redux for exploring the multi-dimensional statistics in a simple manner.

I was responsible for the design of the web app and I participated in the front-end implementation.

See the service live



UX design, visual design, front-end development


Thinglink (employed)

Before setting up my own company, I worked at Thinglink for four years. I was the first employee at Thinglink after the founders and I participated in growing the number of users from 10 to 1,000,000.

I was responsible for all UI design and implementation, as well as for setting up analytics and doing user tests. I designed the UI together with Palash Mukhopadhyay.

Community contributions

I have contributed to the developer community by creating open source libraries, such as Zoomooz, and by organizing meetups, such as Frontend.fi and Interactive Visualization Helsinki.

Open Source

Zoomooz — a zooming UI library for jQuery

Easie — an easing library for jQuery


Frontend.fi — the leading front-end developers community in Finland

Interactive Visualization Helsinki — the largest data visualization meetup in Finland

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.
— John Maeda

Services that I offer

My projects are always tailored for customer needs. The work can be fixed period 1-20 day projects, or they can last longer time with a flexible load of 1-2 days / week.

User Interviews and Usability Evaluation

User and Customer experience interviews. Gathering customer requirements and understanding of customer workflows to get insights and define UX/UI strategy.

Concept and Design

Improving existing user interface or defining a new one. Involves heuristic evaluation, UI/UX design, testing the interface on users and a plan on what to improve in the interface and next steps for refining the interface.

Data Visualization

Visualization of data sets and presenting them in interactive form. Implementation can be for example D3.js based, use HTML or WebGL. Data can be in CSV/Excel format, a model in R, or content that is scraped off the web.

Creative Coding

Combination of UI design, front-end, and back-end development. Quick prototypes of the main views of a service. The prototypes can be used for interface exploration, as means of communication or for user testing.

Custom Services

Interested in something that does not fit in a box? Be in contact and I can see if it is something I could help you with! I like solving hard problems that combine design, front-end development, analytics and business understanding.

Among other things, I have experience in front-end development, mobile web, front-end testing, user testing services, ab-testing setup, growth hacking, displaying graphs and charts, machine learning, designing flows in web services and interactive maps.

I think a lot of people see simplicity as the lack of clutter. And that's not the case at all. True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, 'Yeah, well, of course.' Where there's no rational alternative.
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